Wedi Fundos and Tilebacker boards are the total answer to wet rooms and walk-in showers.



Wedi Fundo opens up exciting design opportunities for open plan tiled bathing areas and walk-in showers matched to 21st century lifestyles. There are four shapes - square, rectangular, round and spiral - which forms the basis for a wide range of the most imaginative solutions.

At the core of the Fundo concept is the same innovation and quality that characterise all wedi building products. Fundo includes the base with ready-made fall and enhanced coating, sealed horizontal and vertical drains and shower participation sets. All suitable for concrete or suspended wooden floors.

Wedi Tile Backer Board is the ideal substrate for tiling in wet areas. It is totally waterproof, offering complete peace of mind to the specifier and installer.

The most important feature of Wedi Tilebacker Board is its performance in wet conditions. You can use Wedi for showers or even for water features with total confidence. Even when completely immersed for a month, Tilebacker takes up only half a per cent of water.

Thanks to the unique composition of the product, tiles stay attached to Tilebacker when other substrates can be damaged by water intrusion or delamination. Wedi Tilebacker Board is also a highly efficient thermal insulator and vapour barrier.

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