Namgrass Artificial Grass

Namgrass is the UK's Leading Supplier of artificial grass. Using clever innovation and new technology Namgrass ensure that their products are of the highest quality and as close to natural grass as it's possible to be.


Why choose artificial grass?

  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No more mucky kids or pet's paws, traipsing mud through the house.
  • A perfect-looking lawn every day of the year regardless of the weather.
  • adds value to any home.
  • Makes outdoor spaces usable all year round.
For more information please view our Namgrass FAQs.

We stock the Namgrass products Vision and Enigma at our Hayes branch but they can be ordered via any Lords depot - as can many other Namgrass products.

Namgrass Vision - £16.50 per sqm plus VAT.
Namgrass Enigma - £26.50 per sqm plus VAT.

Like real grass - only better!

For more information on Namgrass artificial grass call 020 8606 3050 or send your enquiry to



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